About Us

Devinagar Youth Association was formed in 1978 by the youth of our colony comprising social workers, dramatists, stage artists, enthusiastic and outstanding personalities with potential to exhibit their talents in promoting cultural and social activities.

We have also demonstrated and exhibited our artistic talents under this banner at different occasions in our colony attracting large number of people spell bound. We always stood as volunteers in the fore front for the noble cause of donating blood at various occasions sponsored by Gandhinagar police station and other social organization of the twin cities.

Recognizing the merits in our youth, some of our youth have been chosen as maitri members of Gandhinagar police station to cooperate with them in maintaining law and order in a harmonious way.

We spontaneously participated in disaster management with cash and kind in the recent flood occurred at Kurnool district.

Obtaining the guidance of elderly persons and senior citizens of our colony at every stage while pursuing with our programs is always our paramount concern. With this outlook, we were able to mobilize reasonable numbers of youth of our colony into the fold of our activities.

One of the prominent activities of our association is celebrating Independence Day and Republic day in a ceremonial and disciplined manner. We invite one of the distinguished personalities on this occasion to hoist the National flag with National Anthem. We also conduct sports and games competition by the children of our colony. We exorbitantly exhibit our patriotism and national integrity on these occasions.

We have not only won the admiration of the residents of our colony but also MLA’s, MP’s and the staff of Gandhinagar police station for the peaceful conduct of all events.

We keep our colony clean and green. We have set an example in the entire Kavadiguda for maintaining cleanliness. Having identified our managerial capabilities with the members of our association, the elders and the prominent residents of our colony have advised us to celebrate the Ganesh festival every year in the addition to the existing activities.

Accordingly we started celebrating Ganesh festival at a very large scale regularly since 1978 onwards. Substantially a big idol of Lord Ganapathi is installed, surrounded by huge structure decorated with illuminations studded with colorful lights. These celebrations are spread over nine days as per the scheduled programs. Every evening of Navratri celebrations is conducted with Bhakti, Shraddha and Devotion. The Bhajans and Parayanams and devotional programs are under taken during these nine days. To explore the talents of the children of our colony, we conduct singing, dance and fancy dress competitions. They feel extremely delighted when they receive the prizes on the last day of celebrations along with their parents. We invite the distinguish personalities including politicians and leaders of our constituency and more importantly the staff of Gandhinagar police station for conducting pooja and prize distribution. The coverage of these celebrations is highlighted by the press and media with the photographs and articles published in popular newspapers. The peaceful Ganesh procession is taken on the last day with music and folk dances by the devotees and youth of our colony with drums, trumpets and bugles to match with the occasion. The Ganesh idol which was worshipped for nine days with pooja’s performed by purohits, travels slowly in a magnificent way on the decorated chariot for the immersion at Hussain Sagar Lake at Hyderabad.

In view of the above mentioned activities we have established our identity as praise worthy citizens and our association is proudly termed as a “PRESTIGIOUS ORGANIZATION”.

Having won the admiration of the people at large, we look forward to meet with the new challenges confronted by the youth and solve them with the totality of the concept of hard work, commitment and collective endeavor, we have a long way to go . . .

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